Specialist prototyping

Specialist prototyping in the UK involves the rapid development of prototypes for various industries, emphasising cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The country’s ecosystem features advanced technologies, research collaboration, and access to funding and support. Intellectual property protection is strong, making it a hub for innovation and product development.

Specialist prototyping in the UK serves a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to aerospace. It leverages rapid prototyping technologies, such as 3D printing and CNC machining, and fosters research and innovation. The UK’s ecosystem supports customisation and cost-effectiveness, emphasising sustainability and collaboration.

In summary, specialist prototyping is a dynamic field that supports innovation and product development across diverse industries. BSE can support businesses that partake in specialist prototyping through the UK HMRC Research and Development Tax Relief scheme. RDS, part of the BSE Group, specialise in Research and Development. Our team help and support innovative businesses across the UK conducting qualifying R&D activity by guiding them through the process of submitting and R&D claim which can help your business have on your corporation tax bill.

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